Our payment terminals rank with the best in the industry. Add our peripherals, external PIN pads, check readers and imagers, and contactless card terminals, and you’ll be able to accept virtually any type of transaction. We also feature software that can turn your computer into a payment processing unit. And, for customers who would rather pay with cash, we offer a full-featured ATM.

  • 24-hour merchant support. If we can’t resolve an issue via telephone, we’ll provide a replacement terminal at no charge.
  • No charge for supplies, including printer paper, ribbons and manual imprint slips.
  • The latest security features, including password entry at the terminal, receipt truncation, and compliance with the latest industry standards (PCI/PED).
  • Timed batching of all transactions. This ensures proper processing, and prevents additional charges by not batching daily (for non-tip merchants).
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