• Stable and dependable

  • Speedy processing that is great for customers

  • Highly accurate check-reading makes it secure

  • Designed to operate efficiently in heat, cold & humidity

Magtek Mini MICR

Don’t be fooled by the Magtek’s size. It is a durable, efficient check reader that will provide years of service, even in the most demanding environments. It offers an array of features that are designed for ease of use, as well as reducing the potential for human error.


    • Solid construction, designed for durability in a wide range of conditions.
    • Horseshoe design that allows for easy reading of checks.
    • Easy operation with reduced possibility of error at point of sale.
    • Reads magnetic ink characters on checks, including E13-B and CMC-7 fonts.


    • Virtually 100 percent accurate.
    • Compatibility with Secur-Chex® services, including check conversion and check guarantee.
    • Accepts check transactions up to $1,500.
    • Small footprint, requiring little counter space.


    • Dimensions: 4” (w) by 6.2 (l) by 3.2 (h).
    • Magnetic character reader head.
    • USB, RS-232, and PS/2 interface.
    • 125,000 hours lifespan
    • Over 1 million passes through check reader head.