ATM Processing

No matter how popular credit or debit cards become, millions of people still like the feel and convenience of cash. You can meet the needs of these customers by offering a quick source of cash at your business.

This means more revenue for you. The average ATM cash withdrawal is $100, and an average of 20 percent of money withdrawn from an ATM is spent at that specific location. Best of all, the average ATM user spends 40 percent more than customers who use other types of payment.


    • Choose between a leasing a sturdy ATM machine or a terminal with PIN-based debit functionality that allows you to offer cash back at the counter.
    • Networks such as Plus, Pulse or Star typically charge between 35 cents and 85 cents per transaction. We do not add any surcharge.
    • Customers don’t need to leave your business to get cash that they can spend inside your business.
    • Encrypted PIN-based transactions create an extra layer of transactional security, data integrity, and safety from fraudulent charges.
    • Businesses using ATMs typically see increased sales of such items as food, liquor, lottery tickets, gambling, entertainment or money orders, as well as “impulse purchases.”

Compatible Equipment

Triton RL1600