Check Conversion & Check Guarantee

Credit and debit cards are everywhere, but many consumers still like to do business by writing checks. As a merchant, you need to process those transactions as efficiently as possible while protecting yourself from fraud or non-sufficient funds. Secur-Chex allows a menu of options that can:

    • Give your loyal customers the option of writing a check without identification, while protecting yourself from potential fraud.
    • Instantly verify any negative information about a customer, adding another layer of protection against fraud.
    • Guarantee payment to your account, even if a check is returned for non-sufficient funds.


    • Feed the check into a scanner, and enter the check amount.
    • Press a button to enter the transaction and print a receipt the customer signs.
    • Funds deposited electronically.
    • Provide a secure environment for transactions, protecting customer data and reducing check losses.
    • Convert checks for electronic processing through scanning or imaging, making them less expensive to process than credit cards.
    • The scanner automatically voids the check with the appropriate stamp, and you return the check to the customer.

Compatible Equipment

      • Proxima X5*
      • Proxima X2*

* with the addition of an RDM 6014 Check Imager or MagTek Mini MICR Check Reader