Credit Card Processing

Any discussion of payment processing has to include credit cards as a centerpiece. At the end of 2008, apporximately 91.1 million U.S. households – more than 78 percent- had at least one credit card, and the number of credit card holders in the U.S. is expected to reach 181 million by 2010.

That’s a market you can’t afford to ignore. And Certified Payment Processing can handle all of your credit card processing needs.


    • Processing for multiple types of businesses, including tip-based merchants and mail order / telephone order merchants.
    • Multiple methods for accepting credit cards, including terminal swiped or keyed; PIN-based debit; wireless “on-the-go” terminals; and PC-based systems.
    • Customer satisfaction, and the ability to accommodate consumers who want the flexibility to “buy now and pay later.”
    • Processing for all major cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
    • Compliance with the latest security standards, ensuring security of data for both your business and your customers.
    • High-speed processing, reducing the amount of customer wait time.

Compatible Equipment

    • Proxima X5
    • Proxima X2
    • MerchantPro Mobile
    • PAYware PC (personal computer)