Debit Card Processing

The growth rate in the use of debit cards in recent years is astonishing. In 2003, there were more than 15 billion debit card transactions; in 2006, the number skyrocketed to more than 25 billion. Currently, debit card transactions make up more than 50 percent of consumer purchases.

As a result, transaction processing has become more complex than ever, especially with growing concerns about data security and ID theft. Fortunately, CPP provides efficient and secure debit card services.


    • Take advantage of the upward trend in debit card usage, as well as the tendency of consumers to become more debt-conscious.
    • Your customers make purchases quickly with reduced wait-time.
    • Funds are pulled in “real-time,” reducing the potential for fraudulent transactions.
    • PIN-based transactions, as well as improved encryption techniques and standards, allow greater security for your customers.
    • Elimination of the qualified discount rate. You only pay the transaction fee, plus network costs.
    • Enhance customer service by offering “cash back” at the point of sale.

Compatible Equipment

    • Proxima X5
    • Proxima X2
    • MerchantPro Mobile