Gift & Loyalty Card Processing

Gift cards offer a true “no-lose” proposition for merchants. A 2007 study revealed that 95 percent of participants had either purchased or received a gift card in the past 12 months. In fact, while 75 percent of consumers spent 60 percent more than the value of the card, a large number left unredeemed balances.

Certified Payment Processing offers a line of gift cards, as well as the equipment necessary to process them.


    • Available for every type of merchant with easy implementation, low start-up cost, low monthly fees and no discount rate.
    • Eliminates hassle of paper gift certificates. Also, consumers are 10 times more likely to buy a gift card over a paper certificate.
    • Customized cards offer advertising and branding opportunities.
    • Draw new customers who come to your business specifically to spend a gift card.
    • Gain potential customers through people who typically accompany someone making a purchase with a gift card.
    • Durable cards that can be reprogrammed and used again.

Compatible Equipment

    • Proxima X5
    • Proxima X2
    • MerchantPro Mobile